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--Yumeng 14:44, 11 September 2017 (EDT)

Program Introduction

  • I worked as a technology analyst at Morgan Stanley during the summer of 2017 in New York City.
  • It is a 10-week program which recruits and places summer interns into a specific development, engineering or business analyst team. The program is designed to offer a real-world, project-based experience of what it’s like to be a technologist for a top financial Firm.
  • At the beginning of the program, I participated in an introduction day that provides an overview of the Firm, followed by direct placement into a development team. In addition to working on a live project, the program also includes senior management networking events, technical demonstrations, team-building opportunities and participation in the Firm’s community service activities.
  • At first, I applied for Morgan Stanley's Insight Access Day in September 2016 which was a one-day program at Morgan Stanley as an opportunity for students to become familiar with the Firm’s business and culture. Then I applied for the summer analyst internship at the technology division online and was selected to have an interview at the Technology Assessment Center in March 2017. The interview was from 12:45 PM to 5:15 PM. It began with a group activity and followed by 3 rounds of mixed behavioral and technical interviews.
  • Within two weeks after the interview, I got the offer and was matched with a team at Prime Brokerage, Funding and Fin Tech division.



  • Axiom is an external tool which provides feed/workflow status
  • MS specific files are loaded into Axiom using MS Daemon Application
  • Users have to navigate through multiple screens to review feed/workflow statuses
  • A single web-page is needed to help support team & users to review feed/workflow statuses information


  • Provide a framework to associate the Axiom feed files to reports
  • Set up & develop a web application to view feed statuses and reporting workflows

Expected Functionality

  • Users should be able to view feed status for a specific reporting date or processing date
  • Users should be able to view data files that depend on the feed
  • Users should be able to view report workflow processing status
  • The User Interface should not impair the performance of Axiom

Technology & Tools

  1. MS Web-farm
  2. MS-Java
  3. Tomcat Server & Ant & Siteminder
  4. Sybase & T-SQL
  5. Bootstrap & Angular JS

Web Sequence Diagram

Feed Dashboard.png

Axiom Feed Dashboard

Axiom Dashboard.gif


The CS page can be found here.