Ratie Vushe's CPT Project 2019

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FlashStarts Summer Internship '19

This past summer I interned as a Software Developer Intern at FlashStarts. FlashStarts is a startup accelerator and a micro-vc firm in Cleveland, Ohio. The internship is under the Summer on the Cuyahoga program which aims at bringing bright minds to Cleveland

My Role at FlashStarts

Within the first half of day 1 at FlashStarts, I had conducted market research on coworking spaces in Downtown Cleveland and understood the entire Business Model Canvas concept. By the end of the summer, I had worked with 8 innovative startups. Opportunity within startups is everywhere and the flexibility of the FlashStarts environment allowed me to work in cross-functional roles. Within just 10 weeks, I have served as a Web Developer, Data Analyst, UI/UX Designer, Marketing intern and designated beekeeper!

I had the opportunity to work with Flutter Social- an event planning app that matches vendors with clients. Over the course of my internship, I also performed market research, built landing pages, and revamped company websites to ensure the products startups were building matched their customer needs. In a larger company setting, this project would have been passed through many other hands and I would have performed a very small fraction of the work I actually did. I appreciate this experience because it has made me more empathetic as a Software Developer and allowed me to deeply understand the clients I am building the product for.

Start-ups also have the coolest technologies and it is more than exciting to witness emerging tech first-hand. I have had the opportunity to work with Ghostwave, a company utilizing radar technology to monitor the health of beehives to help reduce colony death rates. Bees are dying at an alarming rate and seeing technology being used to combat global crisis this way is quite exciting!

Technologies used

SQL, R, Data scrapping, Excel, Amplitude, Python, Java, Php

Key Take-aways

This past summer I have gotten the opportunity to make and break (and fix) stuff at FlashStarts because that is how the most innovative ideas come about. I am excited to have done this internship in my Sophomore year because I have gained insight into where my tech interests lie by taking on different roles.The rich diversity of interns at FlashStarts office allowed us all to celebrate and appreciate the uniqueness and cognitive diversity we brought to the table. The friendships I made along the way mostly made this experience worthwhile.