Michelle Tsai Gomez's CPT Project 2019

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This past summer in 2019 I worked at Flashstarts Inc, a micro-VC startup accelerator, through the Summer on the Cuyahoga program in Cleveland, Ohio. Throughout the 11 week long program with Flashstarts, the interns were involved with a total of 12 startup companies; alongside these startups the interns would work with them to assist in advancing with their products. During the Spring 2019 semester I found the Summer on the Cuyahoga application page through Smith, and weeks after applying and interviewing I received an offer.


As I worked with multiple startup companies throughout the internship, there were many projects that I was involved with. The top projects that I believe were the most rewarding were:


I consider this past summer to have been a wonderful learning experience. Considering the fact that I had the privilege of working with multiple companies at a time, there were many different kinds of languages and platforms that I got exposed to. Thanks to the Summer on the Cuyahoga program I was able to not only gain enriching work experience, but also explore the city in which it took part in. The Smith Cleveland club was incredibly welcoming and I will always be thankful for their help in making the whole experience so much better with both enjoying my time there and expanding my contacts and future possibilities.