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Welcome to the Public Wiki Pages of the Computer Science Department at Smith College!

Anonymous connection and edits not enabled. Contact CompSci faculty if you are interested in creating a page in this wiki.

Courses Spring 2022

Link to: Courses Spring 2022

Link to: Fall 2021 Presentation of the Major slides (5MB

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Computer Science Course History

Spring 2021 presentation of the major: [1] Passcode: e4Z^t*Ms

Course Offerings starting from fall 2020

History through spring 2020

Research Groups, Workshops, and Communities

CPT Projects

Nick Howe's Research Page

Special Studies Projects

TA Hours, Spring 2021


Misc. Resources

Joseph O'Rourke's Research Page  

Alicia M. Grubb's Lab Page

Computer Science Projects Page

Class Projects


CSC270, Spring 2020

CSC270, Spring 2019

CPT Projects

Please see this page for past CPT projects pages created by students for summer projects performed in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Special Studies Projects

Special Studies project supervised by Alicia M. Grubb can be found at

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Spring 2015

J-Term 2014

Fall 2014

Spring 2014

This is a course intended for students who are planning to take CSC 212. It's currently in its beta stage, which is why it's on my personal website. Please email all suggestions, comments, complaints and criticisms to nlong at smith dot edu. [Galen Long]

J-Term 2014

Fall 2013

  • CSC352 Project Page [Dominique Thiebaut]

Spring 2013

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Miscellaneous Resources

Computer Science Department

Writing Reports/Theses

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Misc. Resources on Formatting Wiki Pages

Lab Time Logs