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Welcome to the Public Wiki Pages of the Computer Science Department at Smith College!

Anonymous connection and edits to these pages are not enabled. If you are interested in creating a page in this wiki system, please contact one of the computer-science professors, and ask to be given an account on this system.

Computer Science Wiki Pages


  • CSC103 Page: How Computers Work (F08)
  • CSC111 Page: Introduction to Computer Science (S09)
  • CSC231 Page: Students page for CSC231 Assembly Language (F08)
  • CSC334 Page: Shared pages for CSC334 Biomath Seminar (F08)
  • CSC352 Page: Shared pages for CSC352, Parallel & Distributed Processing (S10)
  • CSC400 (Independent Study): Kelly Dwan's Page (S09)
  • CSC430 (Honor's Thesis): Christine Grascia's Page (F08-S09)


Pages for other Science Departments

  • BIO351: Kim Johnson's Page (F08)
  • BIO 351: Natasha Resendes's Page (F08)

Research Groups

  • XGrid.jpg
    The Smith XGrid Research Group

Various Projects


  • A page of problems and solutions related to classes, labs, and computers.

Miscellaneous Resources