Isabella Zhu's CPT Project 2019

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In summer 2019, I interned at Citigroup Global Markets in New York as a Sales a Trading summer analyst. The 10-week program consists of a week of training followed by three different rotations across different asset classes and roles. My rotations included FXLM Institutional Sales & Cross Asset, Credit Investment Grade Trading, and Equity Systematic Trading. Through these rotations, I learned a ton about a variety of different products in Currency, Bond, and Equity Markets. I would start my day by composing a morning market snapshot to give the team an overview of overnight events. Then I would spend the morning shadowing people on my desk to learn more about the product we trade and the client we work with. During lunchtime, I would attend lectures to know more about different desks under Global Markets and also network with female seniors in the firm. Financial markets tend to be slower in the afternoon, so I would have the opportunity to discuss with people on my team on different trades we have done in a day, and how economics, geopolitics, and cooperates drive movements in markets and affect our work. After the closing bell, I would work with my fellow interns on our research projects and presentation.


During my rotation in Equity Systematic Trading, I researched the influence of the rate-cutting cycle on financial markets through data analysis in Python and VBA. I used Jupyter Notebook and Excel as my main environment, gathered data from Bloomberg and used various Python packages such as numpy, pandas, and matplotlib.pyplot.


The one thing that really ties people together who work on a trading floor is that they care about markets, and they want to be in an energizing and dynamic environment. People come from a lot of different backgrounds and have a lot of different personality traits. Among all, quantitative skill has become increasingly crucial, as it can provide insights from data in a timely manner. In addition, there's a wide variety of programs for women in Citi, and I was surrounded by many smart and driven women who really bring a unique perspective to the team and inspires me as mentors and role models.