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05/14 ~ 05/20 & 05/21 ~ 05/27

Please refer to this schedule

05/28 ~ 06/03

  • Finish up cleanSamples.m
    • Final version: cleanSamples.m cleans samples of characters passed in as a cell array. The method of cleaning may be specified: ccTouch, interactive, predefinedMasked. When using interactive method, users have the option to save (default empty string vs. a given directory) the masks generated for later use in the option to use predefinedMasked, which uses the latest masks saved. When using predefinedMasked method, users can pass in either a filename of predefined masks or a structural array of masks. Users can get two possible output by specifying 'isTransMask'. One output are transformed cleaned samples after applying the transformed mask. The other output are untransformed cleaned original samples after applying the untransformed mask. The default settings for cleaning: method = interactive; mask = ' ' (no mask); saveMasks = ' ' (don't save); ifTransMask: true (output transformed cleaned samples)
  • Revise the general structure of data, from data sorted by letters to data sorted by samples


  • Revise functions written before to adjust to the new structure of data
  • Functions written:
    • writeHTML.m: writes an HTML file to display representative samples of each letter and save the HTML file and image files to a directory. This function takes a structural array of representative letters of letters and a directory the user wants to save and write the corresponding HTML file.
    • createWebpagewithRepresentativeSamples.m: creates a web page with representative samples selected from each manuscript for each letter.

06/04 ~ 06/10

  • Debug and revise files so as to generate the web page of Representative Samples for Syriac Letters categorized by manuscripts.


  • Note: Several letters' representative samples are almost empty. Need to check the process of selecting the representative sample from that manuscript.

06/11 ~ 06/17 & 06/18 ~ 06/27 & 07/07 ~ 07/11

Please refer to this schedule