Christina Lyu's CPT Project 2019

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Program Introduction

I interned at Google San Francisco office for summer 2019. I had the chance to experience the west coast for the first time. worked on an open source project called Istio. I spent 13 weeks at the project with my host and co-host. I actually worked on 2 teams during the 13 weeks on different projects. I also learnt to write in a new language, Golang within weeks.


Istio is an open platform-independent service mesh that provides traffic management, policy enforcement, and telemetry collection. Much of the logic handled by Istio has been built directly into applications. Across a fleet of services, managing updates to this communications logic can be a large burden. Istio provides an infrastructure-level solution to managing service communications. For the project, I designed a system that is integrated into Istio-bots to analyze test results and write the analyzation into Github comments to report to users the flakiness of tests. The analyzation will be triggered every time someone submits a pull request to project Istio. It connects Github with Google Cloud Storage and Spanner storage.


In this internship, I had to learn how to write in Golang and javascript. As they usually share the same logic, I used the programing techniques I learned at Smith in 111 and 212. Those techniques helped me to design the extraction and comparison. Algorithms class helped me design the system. Machine learning class allows me to build models to test the flakiness of tests.