Ann Mudanye's CPT Project 2019

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Program Introduction

In the summer of 2019, I interned as a human resources analyst at Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO), a global investment management firm focusing on active fixed income management. The internship program lasted 10 weeks including orientation with rotations through different departments within human resources. My role entailed partnering with internal clients to provide support in recruiting, compensation, analytics and talent management. I worked on multiple projects requiring both my technical and non-technical skills.


I worked on several projects over the summer. Some of the notable projects I worked on were:

  • Creating visualizations of company demographics using Excel as per company’s use. I would recreate these on my own time using R and Python for my own practice.
  • Data cleaning and filtering as the company transitioned from PeopleSoft to Workday, a more effective human capital management software. This required a lot of attention to detail to ensure that data fields in both software systems were similar so that the transition would be smoother.
  • Developing a predictive model of successful recruited candidates and employees within the firm. This involved data categorizing for entry and exit interviews as well as manager and peer performance reviews


This internship was a great learning experience for me because I got to work with different software and clientele. I used knowledge from Machine Learning and Multiple Regression classes to get through most of my projects. Additionally, I had the great opportunity to network with employees in other departments within the firm regardless of seniority.