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Christina's First Wiki

Welcome everyone to my first wiki page! I hope you enjoy all the things that I am learning so far in this class. Enjoy!

My Fall Semester

This Semester I Am Taking The Following Courses:

  • CSC103:How Computers Works
  • CSC102: How the Internet Works
  • HST251: Europe in the 20th Century
    • Discussion
    • Class
  • FRN101: Accelerated Elementary French
  • DAN142: Tribal Fusion

My Favorite Things That I Enjoy:

  1. The Internet and the Power of YouTube in All Its Craziness
  2. Sarcasm
  3. Romantic Comedies
  4. Writing
  5. Computers
  6. Politics and Bureaucracy
  7. Everything Related to Hollywood Gossip :D
  8. Making New Friends and Talking to Interesting People
  9. Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies and Novels