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This summer I worked at Google in Mountain View, CA for a 14-week software engineering internship. I was part of the Google Express frontend team which falls under the larger Google Ads and Commerce umbrella. Google Express is a Google e-commerce product that allows users across the United States to order products from stores around them, depending on zip codes. For example, in Northampton, MA, a user can order from Walmart, Target, Stop n Shop and more.

Project Description

My intern project was to re-write the cart page for the Google Express website in Angular 4 and TypeScript. This was part of the larger efforts to migrate the Google Express website from AngularJS to Angular 4 to make it into a single-page web application to improve performance, reduce user perceived latency as well as initial page load-up time.

My project can be accessed at Google Express Cart

Technologies and Frameworks

  • Angular
  • Typescript
  • Java
  • Protobuf


I really enjoyed working on a project that went into production under my supervision. I worked on this project from start to finish, that is, from the development phase to the release phase including bug fixes. I worked with the Product Manager, the UX designers and other engineers on the team. The project went through Quality Assurance (QA) cycles and a gradual roll-out before a public launch.

I also enjoyed working on a product that has become part of my daily use. It was very fulfilling to be able to show what I worked on for weeks to my friends and family by simply pulling it out on their phones or laptops.

Working at Google taught me the importance of writing clean code with ample test coverage even when making small frontend changes. I had to test my project on different browsers and different platforms which was something I had not done before but is an important part of any software engineer project.