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This page is maintained by Dominique Thiebaut of the Computer Science Dept., at Smith College, and is intended for setup information, and programming examples for the Xgrid system

Programming the XGrid Cluster at Smith College

XGrid Programming Examples on the Web

  • Molecular Docking on OpenMacGrid - Part I: the Open XGrid system from Mac Research: Rob Yang, from the Marshall lab in the Washington University in St Louis, introduces the project he has been running on OpenMacGrid in the last few weeks. Rob is using computers for virtual screening of compounds that could become useful drugs for the treatment of human diseases.

Setup & Tutorials

Setup tips for Smith users

Web tutorials

  • Programming the XGrid with a Ruby script
  • XGrid at MIT: a nice tutorial on the basic commands to use an XGrid system.
  • OpenMPI and the XGrid
  • XGrid Tutorial, Part I from MacResearch. A good place to start.
  • XGrid Tutorial Part II describes a nice application, GridStuffer, which provides a simple interface for submitting jobs to the XGrid.
  • Tutorials from Wooster.edu on using the command line, and writing C++ programs and shell scripts for the XGrid (skip to Section 2.3).


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