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How to mount your CS home directory on your Xgrid Mac

--Thiebaut 03:01, 15 September 2008 (UTC)

Below are the steps I followed to access my Linux home directory as a mounted disk on my XGrid. Replace thiebaut by your Linux login name if you want to follow the same steps.


  • I have a Linux machine, tango.csc.smith.edu, which mounts my /home/thiebaut set of directories from beowulf.
  • I have root access to tango.


Ssh tango.png
  • Install sshfs on the mac
  • Install MacFusion on the mac, which is a GUI for sshfs
  • Create mount point on Mac
  (as thiebaut)
  mkdir sshfs
  • Install sshfs on your Linux box (may have to install with yum)
yum install fuse-sshfs 
  • Add myself (thiebaut) to the group fuse. Apparently group fuse already existed on Linux box. User must be part of group fuse to allow requests from outside to be accepted on fuse server.
gpasswd -a thiebaut fuse
  • On Mac, start MacFusion.
    • SSH settings
      • HOST: tango.csc.smith.edu
      • User Name: thiebaut
      • Password: *************
      • Path /Users/thiebaut
    • SSH Advanced
      • Port 22
      • Follow sym links
    • Macfusion
      • Mount Point: /Users/thiebaut/sshfs
      • Volume Name: tango
  • Click Mount and should get a green disk with SSH on it, labeled tango