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--Thiebaut 22:00, 20 September 2008 (UTC)

It turns out that we don't need IP addresses to program the XGrid. I was used to PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) and MPI (Message Passing Interface), where this was information needed to harness machines into a "virtual machine". XGrid does it differently. So, I'll put the IPs of people's machines here, but there's not really needed.

To find your IP address, you have several solutions:

  • right-click on the green dot at the top of the screen (BWanaDik) and get it from the External IP
  • open a Terminal window and type /sbin/ifconfig | grep 131 and lift the first address from the line.

Individual machines

Remember that the users' IP addresses might change with time, as they are dynamic!

IP User
Nick (as of 9/24/08)
Dominique (also accessible as xgridmac.dyndns.org)

XGrid Array

IP Machine Name/Function mathgrid0 Xgrid Controller; Head node mathgrid1 Xgrid agent mathgrid2 Xgrid agent mathgrid3 Xgrid agent mathgrid4 Xgrid agent mathgrid5 Xgrid agent mathgrid6 Xgrid agent mathgrid7 Xgrid agent mathgrid8 Xgrid agent mathgrid9 Xgrid agent mathgrid10 Xgrid agent