Writing a Moodle Module

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--Thiebaut 13:03, 5 January 2015 (EST)

Project Idea

  • Generate a graphic representation of a student's grades, showing the range of possible lowest and highest grades as the semester progresses.


Proof of Concept

  • Generate a graphic proof of concept in Processing/Java. It could use the MVC approach, but doesn't have to.
  • There should be a way of adding grades, one after the other, and see the graph update itself.
  • There should be several categories of grades: homework, exams, labs, project, quizzes. Each should have a separate weight.

Research how Moodle Modules Work

Javascript Version

  • Translate the Processing/Java program to a Javascript app., possibly using Google's WebKit.
  • Install Google's WebKit on computer and Eclipse.


  • Integrate Javascript Version into test-version of Moodle.