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CS TA Application for Fall 2015

Applications are due on Sunday, April 12th by 5 PM.

Why should you be a TA?

  • TAing looks great on your resume. Few colleges allow undergraduates to TA, so recruiters will be impressed to see TAing on your resume.
  • TAing helps you learn CS better. By teaching the material, you not only remember it, but relearn it much more thoroughly.
  • TAs get paid the maximum that any student worker can get paid. Enough said, eh?

Job duties

You will...

  • Answer questions during weekly 2-hour drop-in sessions or labs.
  • Fill out shift report forms at the end of each of your sessions.
  • Attend the Spinelli Center tutor training at the beginning of the Fall semester (if you haven't already attended it before).
  • Attend the CS TA training meeting at the beginning of the Fall semester.
  • Attend monthly TA lunch meetings.


You must have...

  • Taken at least CSC 111.

That's it! But we're especially looking for...

  • First years and sophomores.
  • Anyone with a passion for teaching.
  • Students who can work a lot of hours per week (remember that students can only work 12 hours a week total for all Smith jobs).

Don't worry if you're not a master teacher or CS wizard yet. You'll have time to do the homework assignments and your fellow TAs will always be available for encouragement and advice.

How to apply

Click here to get an application. Download, fill out, and email it to lab instructor Dave Marshall (marshall62 at gmail dot com). If you are interested in applying for our Head TA role, please fill out the third page on the application.

Applications are due on Sunday, April 12th by 5 PM.