Qiaqia Ji's CPT Project 2019

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Program Introduction

This summer, I interned at a trading firm in Chicago. The firm uses its proprietary technologies to trade options in the US financial market. As a trading intern, I had the opportunity to learn about markets as well as the technologies used in trading. For the first few weeks, I learned about options theory in a classroom setting, before trading in a simulated environment for another few weeks. For the final weeks, I joined other interns to work on projects -- building trading tools.


Our team chose to build a tool that gives information on historical earnings moves of a stock, so that traders can use it for analysis. The primary libraries we used include NumPy, Pandas, and the firm's proprietary libraries. Using the firm's market database, we gathered data, manipulated data, and visualized data, eventually launched our tool in the firm's app store. Our tool received really good feedback and was put to use after we presented to upper management.


Overall I had a really fun and rewarding internship experience. Our intern class was small and close-knit, and we did a lot of fun activities together like poker, yoga, escape room, etc. I learned an immense amount of market and technical knowledge, as well as gained experience in a challenging industry.