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This page lists the programming languages and frameworks that have been used in various CSC courses. Note that future offerings of these courses may not necessarily use the same language. The list may be incomplete.

By Course

CSC/MTH 205 (Ileana): Mathematica

CSC 220 (Ileana): (Html, Css, Json) Javascript, Php. [This could/should become a separate Web programming course.]

CSC 240: Javascript, WebGL

CSC 252 (Ileana): a bit of Mathematica

CSC 253 (Ileana) : Java, a bit of Mathematica. In 2021, I offered the students the option of Java, Python or Javascript and all chose Java. I could do it in any of the these languages as long as the students have sufficient maturity/practice with computational problem solving in that particular language.

CSC 334 (Ileana): python

CSC 353 (Ileana): python (anticipated)

By Language

Python: CSC 334, CSC 353 (anticipated)

Javascript: CSC 240, CSC 220

Mathematica: CSC/MTH 205; a bit in CSC 252, CSC 253

Java: CSC 253