Parzival Character Registration

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The main aim of this project was to be able to identify line images from their page images so that for future research projects we would be able to match word images and line images. During our project, we wrote a code that opened both the line image file and the page image file. We made a for-loop that would allow us to simultaneously open a line image file and click on a matching line in the page image file so as to record the coordinates of the line in the page image file. Though we were able to do this, we faced challenges in saving all the coordinates in one file. To overcome this, we saved the line coordinates of each page images in separate files. There were also some missing line images from some pages that were not recorded. We saved all line coordinates in a folder called Line Coordinates.

Dorcas Ujiji, Rutendo Madziwo, Xueqi Zhang and Joan Kahindi