Nancy Xiao's CPT Project

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Program Introduction

In the summer of 2018, I worked as Software Engineer Intern at Facebook 's headquarters in Menlo Park. The SWE internship was a 12-week program that allow interns to work side by side with Facebook software engineers and tackle with real problems. I gave my resume to Facebook at Grace Hopper Conference, and was reached out by a Facebook recruiter a couple weeks later. After two rounds of phone interviews and filling a team-match questionnaire, I was assigned to a team under Facebook Core Apps.


I worked on 3 projects during my internship: 1. improving the performance team's experiment dashboard 2. creating an alert system monitoring team's data pipelines 3. migrating part of team's experiment dashboard to a company-wide internal dashboard. I used PHP(Hack), Python, SQL, and JavaScript to write code. The last project was the most complicated one and a part of team's migration project. Thanks to that project, I had the opportunity to work with engineers and designers from other teams.


The 12-weeks was an intensive learning experience, and company has high expectations for its interns. Thanks to this internship, I learned how to write clean and concise code, how to unblock myself when run into technical difficulties, and what is project ownership. I deeply appreciated this experience as it gave me a taste of working in the tech industry and helped me find out what I really want to be graduation.