MTH400: The Mathematics of Pop-Up Design

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Notes from Oct 3

  • Worked on angles of rotations where the rotating object is rotating in the same plane as the back of the card.
  • These rotations have a v-fold that meets the back of the card.
  • The rotating object moves in a circle following the edge of a sphere with this sort of v-fold. And the rotating object moves 2xAngle of the the v-fold.
  • The radius of the sphere is length of the v-fold opposite the angle of rotation (or larger if there is more attached to the v-fold).

Notes from Oct 17 (and earlier)

  • Looked more closely at the rotations of v-folds that do not meet the back of the card.
  • This movement is not circular since the length of the piece rotating changes.
  • Decided that it would be good to use Mathematica to model this movement.
  • Constructed a model that has a front and back and table that can be manipulated to open and close.
  • Detailed notes need to be added to Mathematica code.
  • After further thought, the median plane of the card is not the same as the median plane of the fold in the table. Not sure of a formula for this yet.