Introduction to Java Programming

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A non-credit January Term course on Java, taught by veteran TAs Galen Long and Jessica Mann.

Introduction to Java Programming poster

Dates and times

Prerequisite: CSC111 or equivalent programming experience
Offered 1st and 2nd weeks of January, Jan 6-10, Jan 13-17
M/W/F from 1:00 - 3:00 PM
Ford 241
Non-credit course
Questions? Contact: nlong [at] or jmann [at]

Course description

A programming-intensive course that seeks to prepare students for CSC212. Teaches basic Java syntax, object-orientation in Java and meta-programming concepts like how to debug well and how to design good programs. Format will include live coding demonstrations and daily lab sessions. Work will include small coding assignments and short readings from a Java textbook. Prerequisites: CSC111 or equivalent programming experience.

How to register

Registration for non-credit courses is not done over Bannerweb. Instead, register online starting at 7 AM on December 6th at the interterm website. There are only 30 spaces available for students.