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This section contains resources that will help one get up to speed with Machine Learning and TensorFlow. I have attempted to list the resources in a logical order, so that if you start from scratch, you will be presented by increasingly more sophisticated concepts as you progress. Note that all these tutorials assume a good understanding of Python an of how to install various packages for Python.

Understanding Deep Neural Nets


Machine-Learning Recipes

A very good (though quick) introduction to various Machine Learning concepts, presented by Josh Gordon. It is highly recommended to code all the examples presented.

Machine Learning Recipe #1: Hello world!

Machine Learning Recipe #2: Decision Trees

Machine Learning Recipe #3: What makes a good feature?

Machine Learning Recipe #4: Pipeline

Machine Learning Recipe #5: Writing your own classifier

Adventures in Machine Learning Tutorials

Some nicely organized and documented tutorials, with good animation of concepts.

Jason Baldridge's Tutorial

Posted on November 26, 2015, this post is another interesting exploration of TensorFlow that starts from scratch and provides the code for working examples.

David Frossard's Tutorials

A very good, clean, stylish tutorial on multiple linear regression using TensorFlow.


Intro to Machine Learning and TensorFlow, Google video

This is a very good approach to TensorFlow which uses the wine quality data-set from UC Irvine Machine Learning repository. It uses the red wine data (winequality-red.csv). It starts with a 30-minute math tutorial presented by, and it covers

  • entropy,
  • variable dependency,
  • dimensionality reduction,
  • graph representation of models,
  • activation functions in neural nets,
  • loss functions, and
  • gradient descent.

After a 10-minute pause (which is part of the video), the next speaker starts with a Jupyter notebook exploring various aspects of the wine-quality data. The notebook and associated data are available from this github repository.

WILDML: A Convolutional Neural Net for Text Classification in TF

  • WildML Tutorial: A very detailed tutorial on text classification using TensorFlow.