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GUI 2.0

This page is where I (Julia Edwards) will track my progress with re-creating the GUI for the Kinect-Based Choreography project.

GP4 GUI Builder

The first hit when I Googled "Processing GUI" was the GP4 GUI builder tool. I have successfully (and easily) downloaded this tool from:

Tutorial videos can be found here.

This is a two-step process:

  • Download the latest version (from the Google Code link at the top). Un-zip the file, put it in the Processing library folder (Documents/Processing/libraries), and install the library (in Sketch > Import Library > Add Library).
  • Download the latest version of the GUI builder tool from Un-zip the file, put it in the Processing tools folder (Processing/tools), and install the tools (in Tools > Add Tool).
  • Don't forget to restart processing after both have been installed.

To use the GUI Builder Tool, simply click on Tools > GUI Builder, and begin using the interface to customize the GUI (the code will be generated for you).


  • Various bugs with GUI Tool
    • If you modify the generated code AT ALL (except in the event handler methods), it messes up the GUI Builder tool.
    • Re-opening an existing project is problematic. Right now, I don't know how to do it (keep getting exceptions)
  • Going to abandon use of the tool and explore programming with the library directly