GUI-Kinect Stride: Bugs

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Bugs in PointCloud7RingThread


  • Bug: The "Continuous Loop" Button was a little confusing, because it was just called "Continuous".
    • Fix: Renamed the label "Loop"

  • Bug: When "Record" is pressed while a movie is playing, the movie will stop, but the buffer will not reset properly. This causes the new movie to be recorded incorrectly (snippets of the old video are meshed into the new video).
    • Fix: Added "FileReaderThread.finish()" and a timed sleep (100ms) to stopMovie().

  • Bug: Play button ALWAYS needs to be pressed twice to play (and stop) a video. This isn't a problem for continuous play, or if you're playing back a very long movie and want to stop it in the middle, but is slightly an issue for shorter movies. If "ContinuousPlay" isn't on, the movie will play once through, stop, and seemingly reset the play button. However you still need to press the button to "stop" playback, which doesn't make sense since the video already stopped.
  • I think this might be an issue with the ControlP5 Library, because the reset function is called once by FileReaderThread and doesn't work (to reset the booleanValue of playButton), but when it is called in GUIFrame, it does properly reset the booleanValue.