Dorcas Ujiji

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Internship Overview

I worked as a Software Engineering Intern with Vidmob. Vidmob provides platforms for brands to create social video ads with expert teams. They also provide analytics to see what ads worked and why. I worked on projects with another intern and we both worked closely with the rest of the software engineering team.

My major projects were:

  1. To create an android app for editors to view their video projects and communicate with their clients.
  2. To create automated tests which would be part of their Continuous Integration Process.

Projects Overview

Editor Suite Android App Project

I worked on both front-end and back-end of this project. I used design documents to create different views within the app and also worked on the functionality within views. I also documented my work on the team's pages.

Language and Tools

  • React Native

React Native is a Javascript Framework for writing natively rendered iOS and Android mobile applications.

  • Zeplin

Zeplin is a collaboration tool for sharing UI designs with accurate specs and code snippets.

  • Atlassian’s Confluence

Confluence is a content collaboration tool I used for sharing documentation of my work during the internship.

Api Testing

I worked on creating automated API tests to be part of Vidmob's Continuous Integration Process. The tests were to ensure the maintenance of business logic within the API


  • Postman

I used Postman and it’s JSON validator extension, tV4 to create the tests against JSON schema variables that tested the business logic. I also used Postman's command line runner Newman to integrate the tests with Jenkins.


The internship experience helped me grow as a software engineer. It was a collaborative environment and I learnt a lot on the go.