Course Offerings Spring 2022

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CSC 151 Programming Languages Concepts (Johanna Brewer)
CSC 111	Intro CompSci through Programming (Shinyoung Cho, Alicia Grubb, Pablo Frank Bolton)	
CSC 212 Data Structures (Jordan Crouser, Nick Howe)
CSC 223 Introduction to Software Engineering (Johanna Brewer)
CSC 231 Microprocessors & Assembly (Jamie C. Macbeth)
CSC 250 Theory of Computation (Pablo Frank Bolton)
CSC 274 Discrete & Computation Geometry (Joseph O'Rourke)
CSC 253 Applied Algorithms (Ileana Streinu)
CSC 205 Modeling in the Sciences (Ileana Streinu)
CSC 262 Operating Systems (Jamie C. Macbeth)
CSC 294	Computational Machine Learning (Katherine Kinnaird)	
CSC 327 Internet Censorship (Shinyoung Cho)
CSC 370	Computer Visions & Image Processing (Nick Howe)