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Special Studies in Computational Neuroscience Final Report, May 2018

Emma Jordan, Class of 2018

Advisor: Joseph O’Rourke


The goal of this Special Studies was to serve as a capstone experience for the Computational Neuroscience student-designed major, by improving my understanding of machine learning and providing practical experience working with neural networks. Initially, I planned to conclude the semester by writing my own machine learning algorithm, but ended up adjusting the scope of the project to utilize an existing machine learning package instead, written in Python. Over the course of this project, I accomplished the following objectives:

Accumulate an understanding of current topics and ideas in computational neuroscience by reading relevant articles in the field Select a pre-existing neuroscience-related dataset with accompanying paper and open-source Python code to a) understand and duplicate the results of and b) build on in some way. The following report will describe my initial research, my processes of understanding and experimentation, and conclusions both regarding the paper and code I worked with and my original findings.