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Christine Grascia's Honors Thesis Page


The main purpose of this thesis is to continue Allie Bellew's recent independent study, and to research the current state of the art for displaying and navigating 3-D graphs representing information stored in databases, in particular Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia which allows users to change or alter information under strict circumstances. It has grown exponentially in size over recent years with eleven other languages, besides English, containing over one hundred thousand articles in each, and over 50 more languages with over ten thousand articles each [3]. Because Wikipedia is so large and editable, it has been accused of lacking creditability and accuracy for its contents. The databases that store this information also contain important data such as the identity of the people who have edited pages, the IP address of the computer they used to carry out their edit, the exact extent of the edit, the date and time of each edit, and even the number of times pages have been edited or viewed. More...

Time Line and Weekly Tasks

Latex on MS Windows