CSC400: Two-piece geometric dissections

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29 September 2011

  • Laying out ideas on scope of project

6 October 2011

  • Trying to find clues to generalize 2-piece dissection on Q1. of A2. from CSC 274 HW.
  • Y. Zhou et al. A Computational Algorithm for Creating Geometric Dissection Puzzles [[1]]

13 October 2011

  • From Y. Zhou et al.'s references:
  • M. J. Cohn Economical Triangle-Square Dissection [[2]]
  • J. Akiyama et al. The optimality of a certain purely recursive dissection for a sequentially n-divisible square [[3]]
  • E. Kranakis et al. Efficient Regular Polygon Dissections [[4]]

20 October 2011