CSC270 Class Presentations 2019

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Thiebaut (talk) 14:49, 23 April 2019 (EDT)

  • The presentation is on 4/30/19, at 10:30, until 11:50 a.m.
  • The presentations will go in the alphabetical order listed in the project page. Allocate 10 minutes for each presentation:
  • Isabelle & Jenny
  • Josephine & Elizabeth
  • Maddy & Grace
  • Michelle & Christina
  • Sherri & Catherine
  • Stacy, Joce & Jessie

A typical presentation will consist of:

  1. a few slides showing, or supporting the following items:
    1. the project goals,
    2. photos or diagram of the physical setup, showing the Pi, the Arduino and the sensors used (block diagrams are fine for this)
    3. a block diagram of how the software is operating. It should be made clear what functions are implemented on the Pi, and what functions are implemented on the Arduino. The direction of the communication should also be made clear. The language used should also be specified.
    4. how your new sensors (those not covered in the labs) operate.
    5. what software had to be installed, and what functions are implemented by the various packages.
    6. what particular piece of the project was the most challenging (it could be different for the different members of a team)
    7. what trade-offs had to be made
  2. a quick show of your project wiki. Make sure to highlight what piece of code is interesting, for whatever reason
  3. a demo of the hardware. This can be made at your regular bench. The class will move from one station to the next for viewing the demos.