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CSC231 Fall 08

Assembly Language and Microcontrollers

Golden Rules


Individual Projects: Notes from DT

Earlier Notes from 10/19/08

Make sure you find the reference for all the parts listed below, and have examples found on the Web of how this can be connected to an Arduino or to another microcontroller.

I have parts on loan from Ileana Streinu, and I have also purchased parts from [1] for the different projects. Here's a list and a preliminary assignment of parts to people.

  • Breakout Board for microSD Transflash (John). Note, I didn't get the $0.01 flash card as it was shipping with a $7.80 shipping cost. John, can you find one locally?
  • COM-00681 LED Matrix (Alex, Yang, Sharnique, Le). The matrices are 8x8, but you don't have to activate all the rows and column. Be imaginative, and see if you could use two rows and two columns at a time, for example, so that you could activate any one block of 2x2 at a time. Or you could connect all the LEDs on the borders together to have a lighted border, and connect only the inside 5x5 matrix to the Arduino... For those of you who need color, you can probably paste some colored film on groups of 2x2 LEDs.
  • COM-08653 Keypads (Alex, Sharnique). It's a 3x4 switch matrix, with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, *, and #.
  • SEN-00246 Optical detector. Not sure who can use it, but I have one :-)
  • QRB1114 (Faith)
  • QRD1114 (Jessica)
  • CNZ1120 (Lei Lei) Did I give it to you already?
  • Sharp GP2D02 (Rae)
  • Light-sensitive Resistor (Tonje). I am missing the bright LED, but will get one at Radio Shack soon.
  • SEN-00250 Thermistors, 10K Ohm, (Julia, Le). I have 2 of them.
  • Motion detectors (Yang).
  • Missing parts:
    • Gas detector for Niko. Niko, I can't find them in quantities of 1, nor can I get samples. I need your help finding one...
    • Extra bright LED for Tonje. I will go to Radio Shack soon to pick some up
    • LEDs for all projects. Radio Shack trip...
    • resistors. We have plenty in the lab
    • wires and connectors. We have some as well and will be distributed as needed.
  • Spare parts (number in parentheses indicate number of items)
    • QRB1114 (x1)
    • QRD1114 (x2)
    • Photoresistors (x4)
    • Switches (x4)
    • Motion detector (x1)

MediaWiki & Arduino Resources

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Basic Electronics

Resistor Color Values

Color 1st band 2nd band 3rd band (multiplier)
Black 0 0 ×100
Brown 1 1 ×101
Red 2 2 ×102
Orange 3 3 ×103
Yellow 4 4 ×104
Green 5 5 ×105
Blue 6 6 ×106
Violet 7 7 ×107
Gray 8 8 ×108
White 9 9 ×109
Gold ×10-1
Silver ×10-2