CSC231 2010 Alec/ASM projects and makefiles

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ASM Projects and Makefiles

It seems to me at least that we will be doing a lot of the same thing over and over again. So much so that it might be good to make some scripts and files to simplify things going forward. GNU's make is a great candidate for this combined with some other tricks.

The following will be the step by step instructions I have setup for my own use within this course. Feel free to comment or use any piece/pieces yourself.

A. Setting up tcsh

After logging into grendel/beowulf, we need to make sure to add a local bin path to make life easier.

 mkdir ~/bin
 echo 'setenv PATH $HOME/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.cshrc.local

Log out/in and your path should now include $HOME/bin

B. Creating a skeleton directory

Now, I personally have a folder in my home called 'asm' and that is where I put my directory, though there is no reason you cannot use wherever you like.

 mkdir -p $HOME/asm/skel
 echo 'setenv ASM_SKEL $HOME/asm/skel' >> ~/.cshrc.local

C. Setting up Skeleton directory and files

This skeleton directory will contain any and all the important pieces we need to make things work. I'll explain each piece as we go.

To be continued