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SURVEY CLOSED! Thanks to all who responded. So, it's decided, we'll divide our time in half: Monday = lectures, Wednesday = group work, until the end of the semester.

Please indicate your preference(s) for how to best organize the last meetings of CSC220 for this semester.

  • Option 1: the meeting times are spent between presentation of C++ concepts and labs on C++
  • Option 2: the meeting times are spent half on C++, as in Option 1, and half on team-work on the project
  • Option 3: the meeting times are spent solely on team-work on the project, with interaction with DT

Please add the next logical digit on the line below if you like the option. For example, if the last digit entered on a line is 3, enter 4 after it. You can vote for two different options if you like. Voting on all three options will not help the selection process. The last digit on a line will always represent the number of students who will have voted for that option.


  • Option 1: 1
  • Option 2: 8
  • Option 3: 1