CSC220 Registration Form Details

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Form Types

This form can either be self-reloading, or be sent to a processing page.

Form Features

  • Validation: the form should be able to tell whether a mandatory field has an assigned value, and return an error message if there is no assigned value (i.e. if email field was left blank).
  • Email Validation: the form should be able to validate the syntax of the email address, so that no user can enter random characters as an email address.
  • DB Insertion: the form should insert the values into a table, called "userInfo".
  • Insertion Validation: the form should not insert the values into the table if there is already somebody "registered" under the same email address.

Form Elements

  • Email address (text box)
  • Affiliation (drop down menu)
    • First-Year, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Ada Comstock, Faculty, Other
  • School (drop down menu)
    • Smith, UMass-Amherst, Hampshire, Mt. Holyoke, Amherst, Other
  • Housing Area (drop down menu)
    • Green Street, Center Campus, East Quad, West Quad, Upper Elm, Lower Elm, Off Campus
  • Major/Department/Other (drop down menu)
    • List of all majors, including "Other", "Undecided" and "None"
  • Second Major (drop down menu)
    • List of all majors, including "Other", "Undecided" and "None"
  • Phone Type (drop down menu)
    • iPhone, Android, Other
  • Interest (drop down menu)
    • Athlete, Musician, Dancer, Performer, Student Government, Volunteering, Other

Misc. Form Elements

  • Submit (button): to send the information to the processing page
  • Reset (button): to reset all fields to the default values

Comments to Think About

  • "What might be easier is to group majors into the seven divisions of the Latin Honors (as there are a heck of a lot of majors, and the list gets kind of unwieldy). For reference, the groupings are Literature, Social Science, Historical Studies, Foreign Language, Natural Science, Mathematics/Analytical Philosophy, and Arts." - Amy T.
  • "All of the fields that we decide are optional should to have an easy way to not give that information. For example, if we are using a drop-down list of Majors, we should have the default option be blank so the use has to deliberately select one. Also, there should be a distinction between what is required and what is not; like an asterisk by the required fields." - RB A.