CSC220 Assignments 2010

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Assignments for 12/8/10

Make Team

  • K+M: goal:
    • animated track. animation done as in hw 8.
    • working on reloadable hw 7 form
  • A+E: goal:
    • work on displaying many tracks
    • need to modify sketch
    • work on making form robust
  • Question: will the project use an image of the compus map? Current answer: "not sure"
  • Team meeting Thursday at 4:30 p.m.

Julia+Kristjan Team, now christened Team RAIN

  • (Julia missing)
  • uses Hw 6 code
  • done in Javascript/AJAX
  • Current work demoed on 12/01. Can pick one track from javascript menu.
  • Goal:
    • display different tracks
    • selection based on/controlled by Javascript menu
    • option page for picking different tracks: needs to be implemented for next Wed., but not necessarily functional.
  • Action Item for the team: setup a meeting time before next Wed.

Alex + Betsy Team

  • Work on intersection of tracks.
  • Defined 13 feet as max distance needed for intersection.
  • Agreed that there are several ways to process tracks and discover intersections: math approach, and programming approach.
  • In a first step, team will use programming approach. Two for-loops for going through points of Track A and Track B and see if any of the points of A are less than 13 ft away from points of B.
  • Goal for next week:
    • read kml files (probably two is sufficient)
    • add extra points to file if necessary
    • find 1 intersection point, or none
    • algorithm works on the fly, on-line.
    • algorithm might look something like:
      • 2 tracks are picked from the database, or are hard-coded in the program (not important) (php)
      • the 2 tracks are preprocessed (new points added) (php)
      • Intersection point is found (just 1 sufficient)
      • sketch show tracks and intersection
      • generate random paths using 2 tracks and intersection point. New paths are shown in different colors.

Hot Team

  • Meeting on Friday at 2:30 p.m.
  • Currently done
    • can read multiple kml files into sketch
    • need to specify file names in sketch
    • Lindsey + RB working on form (recommended use of $_SESSION array).
    • Julia P. working on Wiki
  • Goal for next week (12/8)
    • get form working, and at least allow to pick major and get display of tracks of majors
    • change kml data
      • add new field of just latitude, longitude, [time]
      • extract the date from the kml and store it in the data field of the SQL kmldata table
    • all integrated
    • will look at synchronizing the tracks so that they may not start at the same time.