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--Thiebaut 15:08, 9 April 2009 (UTC)

Solution program for the exercises on strings and list we did in class on 4/7/09. Warning: the functions are not robust and might crash if fed wrong information!!!

# solution program for class exercises on strings
# and lists
# D. Thiebaut

movie1 = "8.9	Pulp Fiction (1994)"
movie2 = "8.3	Singin' in the Rain (1952)"

def splitMovie( movie ):
    # takes a movie line and splits it into 3 components
    spaceIndex = movie.find( '\t' ) #look for tab
    score = float( movie[ : spaceIndex].strip() )
    parenIndex  = movie.find( '(' )
    parenIndex2 = movie.find( ')' )
    year = int( movie[ parenIndex+1: parenIndex2 ] )

    title = movie[ spaceIndex+1 : parenIndex ]
    title = title.strip()

    return score, title, year

def checkAlphabet( line ):
    # report all the characters of the alphabet that are not
    # in line
    lowerLine = line.lower()
    for ch in "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz":
        # if ch is already in line, go to next char
        if ch in lowerLine:

        # otherwise, print it
        print ch, "is not in", line

def splitMovie2( movie ):
    # split the line into words
    words = movie.split()

    score = float( words[0] )
    year  = int( words[-1][1:-1] ) # remove parentheses
    title = ' '.join( words[ 1: -1 ] ) #from second word to one before last

    return score, title, year

def findUniqueWords( line ):
    # given a string of characters, breaks it into individual words and 
    # prints the list of words that are repeated. 
    # Warning: this function does not remove punctuation marks...
    words = line.split()
    repeatedWords = []
    for i in range( 1, len( words ) ):
        if words[i]==words[i-1]:
            if words[i] not in repeatedWords:
                repeatedWords.append( words[i] )

    print "\n\nWords repeated in", line
    for word in repeatedWords:
        print word
def main():
    # test splitMovie function
    print splitMovie( movie1 )
    print splitMovie( movie2 )

    # test checkAlphabet function
    checkAlphabet( "the quick red fox jumped over the dog" )

    # check second version of splitting movie line
    print splitMovie2( movie1 )
    print splitMovie2( movie2 )

    # test findUniqueWords
    findUniqueWords( "the quick fox and the red dog, and the cat" )

    text = """OVER the last week, the fashion groupies
           have stood for hours to get a piece of Topshop,
           sometimes in the rain, sometimes as curious tourists
           took their pictures in their L train get-ups.
           They may have suspected they were being manipulated,
           since the store, which opened at 478 Broadway on
           April 2, did not appear all that crowded. Still,
           they waited, and waited, and then they bought such
           items of this very moment as pink leopard-print
           dresses no bigger than a house cat, black leggings
           with fringe along the sides and sunglasses with
           lenses shaped like lips."""
    findUniqueWords( text )