Asmita Gautam's CPT Project, Summer 2018

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During summer 2018, I worked as at Flashstarts, a micro-VC, in Cleveland, Ohio through the Summer on the Cuyahoga program. Flashstarts has a summer accelerator program from end of May to early August, where startups and interns work together on their products. I applied through the SOTC job portal and got an offer.


I worked on several projects over the summer. Some of the more notable ones were: 1. Working on the UI/UX of the website for one of the startups. I redesigned their landing page and worked a little on some of their other pages. Startup: Ossemble. 2. Worked on creating an Android app in Android Studio, following the designs provided by my boss in the startup. Startup: Hava. 3. Worked on creating a database for Flashstarts which included their data on past interns, investors, startups, etc. 4. Created standees, pitch decks, and other visuals for various startups using Photoshop and Canva. 5. Edited websites using Shopify and Wordpress for various startups.


It was a great learning experience, especially since I got exposure to so many different kinds of technology through the wide variety of startups I was working with. In addition to the internship, SOTC is also a great program that let me explore Cleveland, network with alums in the area and make friends from other colleges.