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9/15/14 Code

2DPacking V1Output.jpg

9/22/14 Code

Improved Segment cutting While this looks similar to V4, rectangles can overlap. 2DPacking V2Output.jpg

9/30/14 Code

Tried to improve upon more specific finding tallest rectangle algorithm

Realized it has problems sorting rectangles of same dimensions

2DPacking V3Output.jpg

10/6/14 Code

Rectangle packing works now, fixed the problem and now can sort rectangles of the same height and width.

goal is to remove rect that don't fit

2DPacking V4Output.jpg

11/6/14 Code

Now can remove rectangles of similar dimensions. 2DPacking V5Output.jpg 2DPacking V5 1Output.jpg

11/24/14 Code (Final Version)

Final Version, takes in a csv file created from another program and resizes images to create a collage. Final Packing is meant to fit a 560x420px collage.

Collage is made up of 20 images of flowers, none of which I own.

2DPacking V6Output.png