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For this project, I plan to use only use the Arduino and C to program the Arduino. I will be working alone and I plan on following instructions found in Lesson 32 Controlling Stepper Motor With Remote. In addition to the sensors used in the lesson, I will be using the 64-LED matrix display to indicate whether the remote signal was received.

How the end product should work

When the VOL+/VOL- button is pressed, the 64-LED matrix display will display the direction of the button("->" for clockwise, and "<-" for counterclockwise). When VOL+ is pressed, the stepper motor should turn clockwise, and when VOL- is pressed, the stepper motor should turn counterclockwise.


  • Elegoo Mega2560
  • Breadboard
  • IR receiver module
  • IR remote
  • ULN2003 stepper motor driver module
  • Stepper motor
  • F-M wires (Female to Male DuPont wires)
  • x M-M wire (Male to Male jumper wire)
  • 64-LED matrix display


Part One
Connect 64-LED matrix display to Arduino and program it to display my name.
Part Two
Connect the ULN2003 stepper motor driver module and the Stepper motor to the Arduino, and test that I con use code to alter the behavior of the stepper motor.
Part Three
Connect the IR receiver module to the Arduino and make sure it receive signals from the remote.
Part Four
Integrate all the sensors.


Thoughts and Future Work