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Angel Sparrow's Online Lair

Smith College 2010, Computer Science and Economics double major.
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Project Ideas

  • Atmosphere Melody - (fancy name ^_^) using temperature, wind speed and humidity as input parameters, a MIDI will be played in the background creating something hopefully appropriate to the mood of the user
  • Earthquake Alarm - as the name implies, output will be beeping sounds depending on the intensity of the predicted earthquake. I'm thinking of reading data from digitized records of a seismograph. I forgot to talk to my GEO professor about this yesterday, will do next week.
  • Trustworthy Digital Pet - (I'm very creative when thinking of project names) expanding Dominique's idea of controlling a model electric car using Arduino.. maybe it will be better to attach a light output in the Arduino and the brightness of the light emitted will depend on how dark or bright is the car's surrounding. I have to do a bit more research about this.

Early Project Proposal

  • Trustworthy Digital Pet
Basically, what I want is for the Arduino to control the movements of a robot pet. This pet can move forward and backward and turn 90 deg CW. First objective is to make this pet move effectively.
Second is sensing an obstacle. It senses obstruction in front of it using a light (distance) sensor. If there is an obstruction, the pet stops and waits for a movement. If there is a movement, the pet "barks" (yes, I want it to be a pet dog). If there is no movement and/or after it "barks", the pet turns and continues on its way.
I also want to add the initial feature that I thought of when I said this pet would be "trustworthy". That is, adding another sensor to keep track of brightness of the surroundings and having light output. There will be a set amount of brightness for the surroundings and depending on how dark or bright it is, the output will adjust to keep the set amount.
  • Anti-Theft System
There was a data projector recently stolen from Seelye. When I talked to our Classroom Support supervisor, Steve Davis, he suggested that I create a motion sensor project to prevent theft incidents from happening.

Project Proposal

Anti Theft System


  • First draft of project schematics: 231a-ab draft1Schematics.jpg


Hardware Initial Test


Software Description

Final Write-Up

Final Write-Up


Demos and Examples


  • My Arduino
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