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Final Project

Important dates

  1. Friday 10/24 Final Project Proposal Due

Idea 1: xbox360 controller

This was my first idea when I heard that we got to play with an arduino. Over the last summer I spent a lot of time playing the xbox 360 and I found that I was highly annoyed with the part of my controller that was pressure sensitive. I found that it was hard to use. What I wanted to do was make a controller that was easier for me to use and would respond better.

This idea was scrapped due to budget restraints and because the second idea sounded more interesting.

Idea 2: CyberPunk bracelet

This idea partly came from my contact Melissa Choyse. She wanted a costume piece that looked like a cybernetic arm from cyberpunk novels and at the same time did something. What we ended up with was a bracelet that light up a number of LEDs depending on your pulse. The computer will monitor your pulse and record it. More