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Preliminary Project Proposal


  • Using Will O'Brien's "RGB Combination Door Lock" idea, and combining it with Chris Kirkham's "Alarm Triggered Light Bulb".
  • The ultimate goal would be to create an alarm clock that goes off at a preset time, and in order to shut it off, you would have to enter a preset combination of RGB colours.
  • Why? I use my cell phone as an alarm in the morning, and find that flipping it open, and finding the right button to turn the alarm off gets my brain working a bit, and then I feel more awake. Having to punch in a preset combination of RGB colours on a keypad would wake me up even more... I hope.


  • In the alarm-bulb project, Kirkham took apart his alarm clock, and discovered there are were contacts that provided "low-voltage DC power" to turn on the radio.
  • Could I use this power to power the combination "lock" needed to turn off the alarm?
  • I'd then use the idea from the lock... ie. when the correct code is punched, "unlock the door", aka stop the alarm.


Unfortunately, I'd probably need to spend more than $20, but here's the preliminary list, anyway.

  1. Button Pad 4x4 - LED Compatible

231a-ag buttonpad.jpg
image courtesy of sparkfun.com

  1. Button Pad 4x4 - Breakout PCB

231a-ag breakoutpcb.jpg
image courtesy of sparkfun.com

  1. Triple Output LED RGB (quantity TBD)
  2. various transistors
  3. various resistors
  4. various diodes
  5. an alarm clock
  6. small breadboard (I think?)
  7. more things TBD


No idea, although Will O'Brien's project has a pretty thorough explanation of how to hook up the button keypad/LEDs. And Chris Kirkham's project includes some code I can look through and a good explanation of what he did. Both also have a lot of diagrams I would probably find very useful.