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Project Ideas

Researched Ideas

RGB Combination Door Lock by Will O'Brien
A cool variation on the standard combination door lock - using a keypad of coloured buttons, and the password is a combination of colours.

Light Meter by Mike Edwards
A small light meter that measures the amount of light in the room. A good use of this would be to put it in a room, and turn on lights depending on the amount of sunlight in the room.

Alarm Triggered Light Bulb by Chris Kirkham
A light bulb that's attached to an alarm clock, and the light bulb lights up when the alarm goes off. Very useful for waking up in the morning...

Camera Flash Trigger by Unknown
Using a microphone or a laser pointer to trigger a camera's flash, and the camera can then take better pictures.

Contact(s)'s Ideas

Nick Howe thought it may be possible to use the Arduino to control a network of cameras in his research with motion capture. He also thought that a train buff might find an Arduino useful in controlling certain aspects of a train set.

Susannah Howe said she's interested in hooking up meters to her home electronics, and keep measuring and keeping track of her energy usage.

My Ideas

  • Branching off on the RGB combination door lock, it would be cool if we could design a game where someone can pre-set a combination of colours, and the second person would have to guess the combination.
  • Using the light meter, we could fix a lightbulb to the circuit and have the lightbulb light up when the light meter reads a certain reading.

Preliminary Project Proposal