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Progress Report (as of November 14)

Revised Arduino Schematic

231a-ag revisedArduinoschematic.png

What I've Done


  • I "attached" the Arduino to the breadboard, using an elastic.
  • Wiring the buzzer:
  1. The buzzer has two wires extending from it, one black and one red. "Plug" the black wire into the Arduino, at digital I/O pin 13.
  2. "Plug" the red wire into the breadboard.
  3. Wire a 22 ohms resistor on the breadboard. (I skipped this step because I couldn't find a 22 ohms resistor at the time.)
  4. Using another piece of wire, finish connecting the mini-circuit by "plugging" the wire into the Arduino, at 5V, and connecting the same wire to the breadboard by the 22 ohms resistor.
  • Starting to wire the LED matrix:
  1. Digital I/O pins 10, 11 and 12 connect to columns 3, 4 and 5 of the LED matrix. Take three wires, and "plug" one into digital I/O pins 10, 11 and 12 (one wire for each pin).
  2. Connect these three wires to the breadboard, where it will eventually be wired to a resistor.

231a-ag nov14breadboard.jpg


  • I soldered wires to the bottom of the number keypad.
  • To learn about soldering wires, please refer to the following two videos... Video #1 and Video #2.

231a-ag nov14keypad.jpg

231a-ag nov14keypadclose.jpg

Questions that are left

  • How do the wires from the keypad get connected? Do they really just get connected to some digital pins?
  • There are 8 LEDs on the top of the LED matrix. However, there are 12 pins that "plug into" the breadboard. What do the 4 extra pins do, and do I need to take them into consideration when I wire the LED matrix into the circuit?