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Modified Final Project Proposal


The goal of my project is to create an alarm clock that will go off at a predefined time, and in order to shut off this alarm, the person being woken up would need to punch in the correct combination code on a button keypad corresponding to a sequence of flashing LEDs on a 3x3 LED matrix.

Set Up

The program will take the time from the computer. Then, the alarm will be set. I have two ideas for how the alarm can be activated (but one might not work). I will attach a buzzer to the Arduino, and have the PC talk to the Arduino when it's time to activate the buzzer.

Then, once the alarm goes off, the Arduino will activate the LED matrix and the keypad. The LED matrix will flash a sequence of lights. The person will need to punch the corresponding code on the keypad, and the Arduino transfers these attempts to the PC, which will take care of the monitoring of whether they've entered the right combination. Once right combination has been entered, the PC will relay to the Arduino to stop buzzing the buzzer.


The assembly language will display the time (taken from the computer), much like a regular alarm clock. It will also have an alarm that is set at a predefined time. The assembly will also monitor the code punched (correct/incorrect?), and turn off the buzzer when the code is correct.


The Arduino will flash a sequence of LEDs, and then read the user input from the keypad. Then, it will relay the user input to the assembly to be analyzed.


  1. Arduino Diecimilia - already have
  2. Buzzer - CS Department.
  3. LED Matrix - Dual Color - Small (COM-00681)
  4. Keypad - 12 Button (COM-08653)
  5. various resistors - CS Department.
  6. Small breadboard - CS Department.
  7. Wires - CS Department.

Project Schematic

My initial project schematic: 231a-ag Arduinoschematic.png