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Project Ideas

Found Ideas

RGB Water - Tracy Tsang
Super cool looking project where the led will turn on/off or change colors depending on your interaction with the water.

Exercise Machine - Kipum Lee
"If it has not been activated within a certain “grace period,” the machine sends the user an email asking for interaction."
A fun idea would be to reverse the goal of this project, and have some sort of alarm once it senses that you have been in front of the computer for too long.

Making Music - Michael Una
A collection of projects to make music using the Arduino chip. Theremins are always very very cool. There are a lot of very interesting projects in here.

Manipulating Perceived Position of Sound - Syvwlch

Animated Ghost Kit! - MAKE
Cute modded board looks like a ghost, and is ready to be hacked!

My Ideas

  • Create an extremely customizable alarm clock. Beeps, rings, bangs, falling objects, whatever goes. (I already have 4 alarm clocks, but am always looking for more, unfortunately.) Between snoozes, it will alternate between randomly chosen methods of waking the user up.


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