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The following schematic diagram shows input/output connections from Arduino to two tilt switches and one 8*8 Green/Red LED matrix. To start with the simplest case, I will treat the LED matrix as 4*4 with single color (only use 16 green LEDs at the 4 corners of the matrix).



  1. Each tilt switch has 4 output wires, so that it acts as 2 switches. SW1 and SW2 are associated with tilt switch A, and SW3 and SW4 are associated with tilt switch B.
  2. The inputs for LED matrix are labeled by their pin number(circled). Column and row numbers are also shown in the schematics.
  3. Resistors used in this schematics are chosen to be 1kOhms based on approximation. During prototyping, I may try resistors of different resistances to maximize the performance of my project.