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Final Project: Anti Theft System


Currently, the data projectors installed in Smith College classrooms are secured with a cable. However, this cable can easily be cut. There is no alarm system that notifies Public Safety of any theft of these projectors.

Goal of Project

The goal of my final project is to create a simple version of a light-sensitive motion sensor. I wish this sensor to be used as an anti-theft device for data projectors installed in academic classrooms of Smith College buildings. Basic input reading is done using a light-reflecting sensor. The outputs are physical alarm and email notification.


  • Sensor
I plan to use a distance sensor for this project. The basic mechanics of how the sensor works is that it emits light and if there is an object in front of it, another light is reflected back to the sensor. Since we have been working on digital sketches in labs, I think that it is more realistic for me to use a distance sensor that generates digital output.
The distance sensor that I like is Sharp GP2D15 IR Sensor. The Sharp IR Sensors use a Japan Solderless Terminal (JST) connector. From what I understand, the connector has three wires: GND, Vcc (+5V) and Out (for Output). It is not imperative to use a JST connector because it is possible to solder the wires to the sensor but as of now, I do not know how to do this.
The cheapest package I found that contains both the sensor and the JST connector costs $12.50 (excluding tax, shipping and handling costs) from here.
  • Alarm
For now, I can only think of using a loud buzzer for the physical audio alarm.
Also, I plan on having another form of alarm through email to Public Safety, ITS and ETS of when an object is detected.
  • Switch
I need a switch that will connect the IR sensor with the buzzer. The switch activates when there is an object detected therefore creating a current that will activate the alarm.

Use of Arduino

Basically, the Arduino controls all the input and output hardware devices in this project. The Arduino reads the output from the sensor and activate the alarm when the sensor detects an object. The Arduino also communicates with the Assembly program to know the system is activated or not. Also, it lets the program know when an object is detected.

Use of Assembly

I wish to use the Assembly to let the Arduino know when the motion sensing system is “activated” and “deactivated”. The Assembly reads the real-time clock of a computer and compares it with the schedule of events for the classroom. When there is a scheduled event, the system is deactivated and when there is none, it is activated.
I am not sure if this can be done using Assembly but I am thinking of having the notification emails sent though Assembly. The Arduino passes an input to Assembly informing the program that there is an object detected which prompts the Assembly to output an email message and send it to the authorities.




  • Sharp GP2D15 IR Sensor with JST connector
231a-ab SharpDigSensor.jpg
  • Draft of Schematics
231a-ab BlockDiagram.jpg

Estimated Total Cost

The only thing that needs to be bought is the sensor and the JST connector which is $12.50 (excluding tax, shipping and handling costs) from here.