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My Lab Report

In the Demolition Lab myself and Daniel Shinnick took apart a Dell DCNE computer and examined several parts of the interior of the computer.

  1. The Processor
  2. The Random Access Memory
  3. The CD/DVD player
  4. The Power Supply
  5. The Cables
  6. The Hard Disk
  7. The Motherboard
  8. The Crystal
  9. And the Battery


  • Before


  • After


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The Processor


  • We found the processor under the cooling fan.
  • It is a Pentium with serial number 830 SL885
  • The Processor acts as the brain of the computer carrying out the instructions of the programs.

The Random Access Memory


  • The Random Access Memory or RAM stores binary information.
  • Our particular RAM can hold 2GB of information and was made by hynix.

The CD/DVD Player


  • Reads the information of CDs and DVDs and gives it to the computer
  • We found it near the power supply.

The Power Supply

  • Can output 280 Watts of power
  • It is located near the plug on the computer.

The Cables

  • The cables carry electricity and information across the computer.

The Hard Disk

  • Our computer was different from the others so the Hard Disk we took was from another computer.
  • The particular hard disk that we examined could store 40GB of memory.

The Motherboard


  • The motherboard is at the bottom of the computer.
  • The lines on the motherboard send binary data throughout the computer.

The Crystal

  • We found the crystal on the surface of the motherboard.
  • The crystal through intense vibrating sends out oscillations at a particular frequency sending out a precise electric signal.

The Battery

  • The Battery stores information, such as the time and date, when the computer does not have access to power.